M-3E / N Update

Dear Customers,


We are pleased to announce that re-certification of M-3E has completed on August 25, 2023, and we can offer the M-3E to our customers again.

We decided not to change the sales of price at this time.


During the certification process, we were asked to add a few small parts for safety reasons.

But this addition is minor and does not affect M-3E functionality.


Please note that production of the M-3E/N has ended and we can offer these models only while stock lasts.

While we do our best, support for these models may be limited as procuring some spare parts is becoming difficult.


Regarding the successor to the M-3 series, here is the situation.

There will be no direct successor (hand-held hot stamping machine) to the M-3 series, at least for now.

Instead, we are developing a machine called MH11, which shares the same type wheels and printing head with the M-3 series but made to be integrated into production line.

This is not a stand-alone machine like the M-3.

In any case, we are hoping to have an opportunity to introduce MH11 and discuss about M-3 succession.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.