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2023.02.10 Application

Basics of Cable & Wire Identification

Why Does Cable Identification Matter?   Wirings are generally identified either by alphanumeric characters or by the color of the wires.   Proper identification of wirings is crucial to mitigating risks and improving efficiency, as explained below.   Risk 1: Prevention of Incorrect Wiring The lack of proper identification may cause wires to be connected […]

2023.02.10 Thermal transfer

Thermal Transfer Printing 101

What is Thermal Transfer Printing? Thermal printing is a printing method that involves using a heating element at the tip of a thermal printhead. It is used in a variety of applications, including product labels, bar codes, and receipts issued by supermarkets. Notably, there are two primary types of thermal printing—direct thermal and thermal transfer. […]

2023.02.10 Hot stamping

Hot Stamping 101

What is Hot Stamping Printing?   Hot stamping printers create prints on a material by pressing a heated metal piece (“type”) and pigment onto it. This pressed type deforms the material and causes engravings, while the pigment adheres to the material due to heat. The pressing process is conducted by either an air cylinder or […]