About Hotmarker


Hotmarker is used in a wide range of industries for precise and accurate wiring identification.
Best suited for marking on molded plastic products: marked wiring tubes, wire sheathing, connectors, and cable ties.

"Hotmarker" is a registered trademark of CTK Corporation.

Reasons to Choose Hotmarker


Track Record

CTK has a rich experience and know-how in wire marking solutions backed by more than 10,000 units shipped worldwide.


Commitment to Printing Quality

We are always committed to printing quality and have consistently improved our printing technology over time.


Responsive After-Sales Support

Besides repair services, you can check our website or sale representative for updated software, operating instructions.

Our Extensive Installation Experience

  • Switchboards
  • Machine Tools
  • Harnesses and Control Cables
  • Railroad Cars
  • Industrial Robots
  • Aircraft, Ships and Rockets
  • Production Plants
  • Others

Thermal Printing Models

The Hotmarker “SP” series uses thermal printing technology.

Thermal printers use a thermal head to achieve fast and beautiful printing.

Hot Stamping Models

Hot stamping printers press heated metal “type” onto marking foil and tranfer images.

They are easy to operate and feature excellent durability.


Hotmarker Lineup

CTK offers both thermal printing and hot stamping models.
Hot stamping models can be custom-made to customers’ needs for different materials,
shapes, production volume and texts.