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Hotmarker, the trademark product of CTK CORPORATION is a signature brand in wire identification field. Our commitment to precision and accuracy is evident in our products, which are best suited for marking on molded plastic products such as wiring tubes, wire sheathing, connectors, and cable ties.

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Benefits of Becoming CTK Representatives

Unique Product Line

Offers both Hot Stamping / Thermal Printing Machines and CTK brand cosumables

Excellent Business Model

Upfront machine sales followed by CTK brand cosumables for a long time

Responsive After-Sales Support

Our sales agent and technical team supports you!

Our Products

Thermal Printing Models

The Hotmarker “SP” series uses thermal printing technology.

Thermal printers use a thermal head to achieve fast and beautiful printing.

Hot Stamping Models

Hot stamping printers press heated metal “type” onto marking foil and tranfer images.

They are easy to operate and feature excellent durability.

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