Trouble Shooting

Hot Stamping models

Machine malfunction

Power does not turn on

Check each part, and replace the necessary parts.

・Power cord plugging is unstable.
・Main switch failure.
・Power cord disconnection.
・Disconnection of the fuse.

Heater temperature does not rise.

Unplug the power cord to lower the temperature and use the continuity mode of the tester to check for continuity.

No continuity → heater disconnection
There is continuity → temperature controller failure

Heater temperature continues to rise.

There is a high possibility of temperature sensor failure.

Tubes are not cut.

If the problem persists after adjusting the cutter depth, the cutter blade must be replaced.

・Cutter depth adjustment is too shallow.
・Cutter blade is worn/chipped.

Tube transfer failure

Adjust the main unit and remove the cause of the problem on the tube side.

・Tube guide is not properly sized.
・Tube is twisted or collapsed.
・Tube is not moving smoothly (tangling, snagging, etc.).

Colored foil (printing foil) does not advance or it meanders.

Adjustment of the main unit or replacement of parts is required.

・Foil ejection volume on the main unit side is low or out of balance on both sides.
・Load on the foil set side
・Wear and tear of rubber roller, etc.

Marking (printing) problems

Marking characters are too dark.

Lower the temperature and adjust the force.

・High temperature of the print area
・Pressing force is too strong.
・Pressing time is too long.

Marking characters are too thin/grazed.

Check each part and adjust the temperature and force.

・Insufficient color foil feed.
・Dirt is on the material.
・Low temperature of the type section.
・Pressing force is too weak.
・Pressing time is too short.

The density of marking letters is different on the left and right sides.

Check the main unit. Repair may be required.

・Adjust the height with the enamel screws attached to the parts to balance the left and right sides of the v-block (receiving stand).
・Please adjust the position of the type mask so that the characters of the improperly positioned part protrude from the square frame.
・Distortion of the machine body.
・Difference in the pressing force between the left and right sides.