Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

  CTK CORPORATION (the “Company”) recognizes it is the social responsibility of the Company to properly protect and manage personal information. The Company prescribes the privacy policy as below as a part of efforts to protect personal information.

Definition of Personal Information

The Company shall define personal information as the information identifying a certain individual by one item or a combination of two or more items of such information, including name, date of birth, sex, phone number, email address, place of employment, assets, and content of request.

Purpose of Personal Information Use

The Company shall use the information provided by the customers only when such cases can be justified or appropriate to implement the contractual obligations for the customers, or provide better products or services.

Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company shall not disclose or provide personal information provided by the customers to any third party other than any of the cases below:

  1. When the customers agree to do so.
  2. When it is judged to be proper to disclose it to the Company’s stakeholders for providing the customers with services or information, or answering inquiries.
  3. When the Company entrusts its business to a contractor having concluded a nondisclosure agreement with the Company to facilitate the business. (For the contractor, the Company shall select them properly based on the contractor’s protection levels, etc.)
  4. When it is disclosed so that certain persons cannot be identified (e.g., statistical data, questionnaires).
  5. When it is disclosed to financial organizations for settlements of payments for products or services ordered or purchased by customers.
  6. When the Company is required or requested to do so by law, court order or other government or law enforcement order.

Management of Personal Information

The Company shall implement appropriate security measures to protect the customers’ personal information from leakage, loss, alteration, etc.

Compliance with Laws, Acts or Other Regulations for Personal Information

The Company shall comply with laws, acts or regulations applying to the personal information kept by the Company.

Continuous Review of Privacy Policy

The Company shall regularly review the Company’s basic policy, the privacy policy, laws and regulations, code of conduct and changes in business environment, etc., to revise it continuously for improvement as necessary.


For inquiries about the Company’s handling of personal information, please contact here.

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