Industrial Hot Stamping Machines

Printable on a Variety of Molded Plastic Products

“Industrial hot stamping machines” create prints on an object
by pressing a heated metal piece (“type”) and pigment onto it.
This pressed type deforms the object and causes engravings,
while the pigment adheres to the object due to heat.
What is “Hot Stamping Printing“?



Portable Bench Type


Not CE Compatible

A Must-Have for Panel
Manufacturing, Instrumentation, and
Industrial Plant Construction

・Easy to transport and good for on-site works.
・Able to produce mark tubes on the spot.

Work under a Tough Environment

・Able to produce clear marking in outdoors ond under low temperture.
・Clear marking even outdoors and in cooler temperatures
∙ Compact, lightweight, and highly reliable

Equipped with an Automatic Tube Feeding and Cutting (FC) uint

・Automatic feeding and cutting of tubes with an outside diameter of 3 to 7 mm
・Automatic feeding and cutting of marker labels (long type)
・The FC unit can rotate and slide to accommodate large diameter tubes and marker labels.

Hand-held Type

M-3N (110-120VAC) / M-3E (220-240VAC)

Available while stocks last

Compact and Lightweight

・Good for on-site work such as equipment maintenance and panel installation

Easy on-the-spot Marking

・By rotating the type ring and selecting characters, and up to 7 characters can be printed
・Direct marking on wire coating, tubing, marker labels, etc.

Able to Print on Wide Variety of Materials

・Various Type options (character size, surface shape)
・An optional receiving holder enables various applications such as binding band printing.

About Types

Customers can choose from two types of printing types, rotaing types and insert types.
Rotating types are suitable for printing line numbers, serial numbers, etc., using alphanumeric characters using combination of characters and numbers. Even when characters/numbers are changed, prining quality will be ensured since change in type temperature is small.
Insert types are good for printing small size characters, special typefaces, logos. Customers can produce complex content by combining them.


Model Type Hand-held Type
M-3N / M-3E
Portable Bench Type
Character Size 2.4H×2.4Wmm
Character Pitch 3.5mm 3.0mm
Maximum Number of Characters 7-Digit 8-Digit
Dimensions About 280mm (Tool length)
W375 × D285 × H120mm (including case)
W290 × D290 × H325mm
Weight 0.85Kg (Main unit only) 11.5Kg(Incl.Carrying case)

*M-3N:For 110-120 VAC input / M-3E:For 220-240 VAC input

User Industries

Aircraft and Rockets

CTK’s hot stamping printers are used in manufacturing and maintenance of aircraft and rockets, where high-precision and durability is required.

Railroad Infrastructure

Transportation operators are partnering with welfare providers in order to provide low environmental impact and barrier-free means of transportation, creating the next-generation mobility society. Our technologies are used in the construction of railroad infrastructure such as rolling stock and station premises.

Other Industries

Thanks to its broad applications, CTK’s hot stamping printers are used for identification marking for a wide variety of products, such as consumer goods, medical equipment, security instruments, etc.


Hotmarker Lineup

CTK offers both thermal printing and hot stamping models.
Hot stamping models can be custom-made to customers’ needs for different materials,
shapes, production volume and texts.