Industrial Thermal Transfer Printers

High productivity
with high-speed & continuous printing

Industrial thermal transfer printers use a thermal printhead
to achieve fast and beautiful printing with excellent durability.
What is “Thermal Transfer Printing“?


Hotmarker SP8600

Stand-Alone Operation

・Stand-alone operation possible with a keyboard(included).
・Work with a PC through included PCMS communication software.

Increased Productivity

・10% faster over the previous model(SP7600). (When used at Tube mode:Tube length 20mm, 5 characters×1 line marking)

USB Memory Device Compatible

・USB memory compatible with USB memory devaice.

Printing Examples


Model SP8600
Applications Tube Outer diameter 2.0 – 28.0 mm
Laid-flat width: 3.2 – 45.0 mm
Marker Labels (adhesive labels for device identifications)
Marker Plates (terminal ID boards)
Dimensions W432 x D280 x H302 mm
Weight 12.0 kgs

Major Applications

Swichboards and Control Panels

Marker plates are used to identify the wiring of switchboards and control panels required for stable energy supply in power generation facilities, power transmission facilities, railroads, aircraft, ships, industrial robots, machine tools, home appliances, and even cubicles in buildings and condominiums.

(Control Cables)

Our technology is used to identify harnesses for motors and actuators, which require safe and accurate information conveyance, and control cables used in automobiles and motorcycles.

Production Plants

Our products are used in many production plants,which are key infrastructure for achieving more energy-efficient society and SDGs goals.


Hotmarker Lineup

CTK offers both thermal printing and hot stamping models.
Hot stamping models can be custom-made to customers’ needs for different materials,
shapes, production volume and texts.